May 14, 2014

I am BIOLEE ambassador

I am so excited and so super grateful for the opportunity to be Biolee Ambassador!
I mean, this thing definitely not happened for someone that hit the big 30 in age departments..and I was so grateful when they offer me the contract and hope that I will be on board with them :)

This is definitely the *achievement unlock* moment in my blogging journey, and I am ready for all the good thing that happens next. GAME UP!

Take a look at this :)
Make up by me, Hairdo by Vivian, Photo by Nino Yap.
I look quite gorgeous, yeah? heehee..happy happy.

..and btw, my dear friend Smith from Smithankyou said I look kinda mature in this pic..the nicer word instead of " old " lah hor? But yeah, I agree..and that is because..this products - although it's targeted for Acne care is not for kiddos! But it's more to the acne that shows up on your 20's and 30's - blame the hormone? And oh, talking about hormone..I don't normally have acne, but after I got skin texture..i would rather say..prone to acne compare to before! Damn. It.

So when this BIOLEE team approach me and asked if I want to try the range..I was not sure, I mean..I have no severe acne problem.. then why should I use acne series, right? - not entirely! Unlike any other Acne series skin care, BIOLEE is not ruining my dry to extra dry skin become super extra dry and flaky skin..weird eh? I will reveal more on that when I come to the product review..but it's definitely because the goodness of Pine Pollen.

Stay tuned for more updates on my Biolee journey people!
and oh, support me by liking the BIOLEE facebook page please :)
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  1. congrats yah, cantiknyaaaaa :D

  2. dimana kah gsa liat poster2 yang wajah dikau klo g ke SG ? ~ cantik elll~

  3. congratss El! kliatan cantik kok iklannya, muluss banged mukanya :D hairdonya vivian sapa? vivian kuit kah?
    Once again, congrats ya El :D

  4. asyikkkk ci artisss.. hahaha congrats cu..moga makin muyus ya karir MUA nya.. tambah ngepens hahha

  5. Congratsss ci ^^
    You're awesome!


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