February 22, 2014

Womb care treatment by Mary Chia

Last week, i am finally done with my Womb care treatment by Mary Chia. 

For centuries, Indonesian people have benefited from the healing powers of herbs gifted by Mother Nature through Indonesia's rich tropical rainforests. It is here where the wisdom of Cimu originates.

Essentially, Cimu oil is created by specially blending medicinal roots, bark, leaves with specially selected fruits and flowers. These exceptional herbs have been widely used for health & beauty care, and have been used to treat minor illnesses, whilst increasing one’s vitality & virility. 

This special Cimu blend is very effective in relieving fatigue in feet, legs, neck and back - the super perfect combo fatigue after the baby birth :P
Apart from that, Cimu can also alleviate common women’s health issues and to maintain a beautiful complexion.

So, with the combination of Cimu body and womb massage, detox steam therapy & a womb care herbal masque application, the Womb Care Detox Therapy is a natural healing treatment which aids the body's detoxification abilities, helping to flush out excess water retention and accumulated toxins to achieve a slimmer and healthier physique.

This massage therapy plays an important part in the restoration of the abdominal muscle wall & the uterus to its normal state. It helps to realign my body weight to its original distribution, & tones the over-stretched areas of skin on my belly.

1. 30-min Full Body Massage, including Womb Massage using Cimu Oil

2. Womb Care Masque Application

3. Detox Steam Therapy
Me - otw to the steam room complete with the herbal wrap :)
This treatment brought in by senior trainer Mary Chia Holdings - Group Senior R&D and Business Manager; Ms. Yvette Chiang.

Ms Yvette Chiang is definitely not a new face in the spa & wellness industry. As a veteran spa professional with over 20 years of experience, Yvette specializes particularly in holistic women wellness care. 

As the founder of Rustic Nirvana, Yvette developed a comprehensive range of pre and post-natal treatment therapies designed to help women maintain overall womb and ovary wellness, enhance the ability to conceive and to help women regain their pre-pregnancy physique and constitution after birth.

Yvette told me that one of her key focus is to enhance the treatment offerings at Mary Chia Beauty & Slimming Specialist to include holistic pre and post-natal care services. She shares that she is especially passionate for this field as being a woman herself, she understands the emotional distress that women face after going through physical and hormonal changes common to all women during pregnancy. She said that it is exceptionally important for new mothers to take proper care of themselves after delivery, even past the traditional one-month confinement period, so as to give the body the best chances of returning to its pre-pregnancy condition.

I feel really lucky to be on board with Mary Chia during and after my pregnancy journey.
You know I just started my weight loss program on this week? Why? It is because, they want my womb to heal properly first before I start the weight loss treatment.I like the feeling that they care about my wellness as much as they care in putting me back to my pre pregnancy figure.

And oh, after 8 session of the womb care..my waist line shrink around 2 cm :)
Not too bad! Slowly but sure, and no Yo-Yo ing effect afterwards.

If you need to know more about the treatment, do call 6250 7949 
come to Mary Chia outlet at 183/185 Goldhill Centre Thomson Road

Singapore 307628
You will meet a bunch of lovely people there. 

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