February 23, 2014

My beauty (and other) tips for new mums

Being a mom is the HAPPIEST thing that ever happened to me.

Although it was hard at first, I have no regrets about my decision to put someone's life above mine. Having a baby puts the past and things I’ve done in a different perspective. Your view on life changes.

However, another thing that changes is your body and skin. All those hormones and extra weight can create havoc on your usual ‘body’ and beauty.

Let me share with you my tips to staying beautiful as a new mommy, sounds good? :D

I have been getting comments on how I look after I gave birth, and thank goodness, it's all positive!

Personally, even though I am still 4 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight, I feel confident in my new curves. Although, I hope I can still improve on the tummy flab :P

Before I had my little love, I was always scared about getting pregnant and being a mom.

I always had the impression that being a mommy means having no time for yourself. You will look ugly, and people have to forgive you for looking like that, because you are a MOM.


How about a big NO to that initial impression?

I think we, the new generation, can still be a mom and keep looking good.

I still need to keep le hubby on my bed leh.


Anyway, here are my tips to staying beautiful as a new mum :)

1. Eat right

Everything inside will be reflected outside, 

so please choose what you put in your mouth wisely.

When I am at home and in a hurry juggling my work, taking care of lil love and having to cook, I usually throw in carrots, celeries, potatoes, lentils and some ground meat into the slow cooker to simmer.

Easy and full of nutrition – especially during my confinement period.

2. Choose the right skincare

As most of you know, it is SK-II for me :)

Remember I have 22 year old skin according to the SK-II Magic Ring test?

 Having a baby doesn’t mean that you neglect your skin. In fact, with all those hormonal changes, taking care of your skin is more important than ever.

My SK-II beauty regime has been with me for years and it continued to work during and work even now post-pregnancy. So find the right skincare products for you and don’t get lazy in your regime.

You can read more about my regime here

 3. Put on the right makeup

I am a makeup artist and I know the power of makeup.

See the photo below, she is one of the models I worked with before and take a look at how she looks after the makeup? Pretty awesome, right?

This is how I look like without makeup and my contact lens.

I don't consider myself naturally pretty...

But with a help of simple make up..
I create beauty!

The last tip and the most important one for me is...
4. Fall in love 

Something about love brings out the glow in us, so keep feeling it, keep spreading it and keep living it.

For me, I never want to be with anyone else but le hubby... 
It's been 16 years since I first met him and I still love the feeling of waking up to him each morning.

..and this one, no need to explain lah.
Lil love is my everything.

I was surprised at how I can love this little man this much.

 I guess that’s the beauty of being a mom, yes?

So…yeah, there you go…my tips on staying beautiful as a new mum.

You may or may not agree with me, but believe me...

It works!


  1. Elrica you are a beautiful mommy inside and out. I can really see how you enjoy motherhood and you are simply glowing.

  2. you look so gorgeous ci >____<
    <3 <3

  3. sembah sujud kepada suhu!! terimalah aku sebagai muridmu, suhu!!! ;D

  4. Cici cantik bangeeet...Udah jadi emak tapi masih keliatan awet muda..



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