November 04, 2013

My post natal journey with Preg Massage

Now that baby E is already in Da House, I feel that I have less " me " time..and I somehow feels that my life revolves around baby E and nothing else. Don't get me wrong,  I love being around baby E, sniffing his baby scent, talking non sense wording with him..although in certain moment it could be very overwhelming. ^^

On the other hand i can't deny that i want and miss my pampering time..and this is why i am looking forward for my daily post natal treatment with preg massage.

My encounter with preg massage started when i booked a pre natal massage trial with them. 
My friend who earlier tried their service, introduced me to their service.

 I was on 37-38 weeks then and was looking for a professional massage treatment for my sore preggie body. I was really impressed with their service and decided to booked them for my post natal treatment without a second thought.

I am very particular about when it comes to massage therapy, i am so damn scared when some untrained therapist touching my body - its so direct contact to my muscle and literally - nerves. This is totally a part where i need to be safe than sorry.

With preg massage, i know that i am in a certified good hand and they are clearly know what they are doing and they are good at it.

After a exchanging a few email with Sheron - the general manager of preg massage to decide when will be the best time for me to start the treatment, Preg massage decided to collaborate with me and my blog - Pinkbuble In Da House in sharing about my post natal healing journey with them.

Super yay!! Not only that I feel so blessed that Sheron is a super caring person, my therapist - Ms. Diana has a superb skill in handling the post natal treatment, and the treatment works wonder on me, today - after a full session of Jamu treatment, i must say..the treatment with Preg massage is totally worth it!

Yes, it does cost something..but stay tuned with me on why i think it's totally worth the penny spent.

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