November 05, 2013

The body shop give joy to everybody!

This Christmas, TBS want to show their commitment to
education even more by helping to build five schools around
the world in areas where we have Community Fair Trade

£200,000 (approximately S$395,215) from the sales
of their Christmas gifts is dedicated to help achieve this goal.
So by buying a gift from The Body Shop, you’re helping to give
the greatest gift of all to children in communities in Ghana,
Honduras, Nepal and Northern and Southern India.

Available in stores from 
7 November 2013


The Body Shop Gingerbread School House ($29.90) was designed and
handmade by the artisans at Get Paper Industries, a traditional handmade paper products co-operative based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This gift embodies our Christmas project and is symbolic of how our Community Fair Trade is helping to give children a brighter future.

If you are just like me, a loyal customer of The body Shop - let us share a little joy for our little friends by purchasing the gift for our loved ones and in the same time giving hope of the new bright education for those who needed.


On the other note..Before you miss it,
Do grab The Body Shop Christmas limited edition collection in store ^^

And also, do check out the 2013 winter collection that I am sooo gonna grab one!

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  1. the packaging of dazzling touch is so cute !!


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