November 21, 2013

Light smokey eyes tutorial with Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil

This is actually a long overdue make up tutorial that I did while ago; 
when I was actually 39 weeks preggie ^^

I created this look to make use of my Urban Decay 24/7 glide pencil, I love the colours and this is a idiot proof way in making the smokey eye effect, because all you need to do is just simply rub it left and right.

I started with MAC powder foundation - studio perfect NC 25
Eyebrow - Cyber colour in dark brown
Contouring kit by NYX 
This is the series of the Urban Decay glide on eye pencil that I used.

As simple as:
1.  framing your eyes with UD Zero and blend the upper liner with a firm blending brush.
2. Layer the top liner with UD-demolition
3. Double up the lower liner with UD-Mainline

And I finished up the look with Urban Decay cream blush in slight coral colour.


Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial :)

 photo signature-lips.png


  1. pretty !

  2. Eeerr... Pas banget nih. Gw pas pengen beli ini, terus lo posting. Tambah pengen lah gw :(
    Eh El, bikin tutorial dong, gimana caranya biar kalo make up mata bisa balance kiri & kanan kaya lo gitu. Kalo gw yang bikin, even eyeliner doang aja bisa bikin mata gw kaya gede sebelah... atau bintitan sebelah....

  3. U look so pretty while pregnant! Congrats once again dear! xo


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