August 04, 2010


I woke up in the morning..and I, immediately open my window to see is there any drizzle outside..

And i cudn't find a single drop..

I asked God " no? You are not listening to my pray? "

still. No answer.

I hopped on my bus..and enjoyed everybody's blog..

I opened Arman's blog and listen to his new wonderful song.
And you know, Arman's song create a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere for me..
It makes me looking far away out of the window and enjoy the warmth of the song in me.

And i start seeing one drop..two drops..and many drops of rain..
It's drizzling!! Oh my faaking morning!!! It was drizzling..and sunny too!

How confusing.

So i looked up in the sky with Arman's song clocking to an end..
And realise..maybe He want me to know and learn something about " time "

the end


  1. its His...not yours..

  2. iya.. semuanya emang ada waktunya ya ric... dan kayak si Dindin di atas bilang, waktu yang berlaku adalah waktu Nya, bukan waktu kita... :)

    anyway thanks for enjoying my song... really means a lot to me! :)

  3. hope today u feel much better ya :)

  4. ow wow.. post lo kali ini singkat, padat n inspiratif...

    @arman: aku mluncur k blog mu utk dgr lagu yg dimaksud el :P

  5. I'm feeling much better!!!
    At least for today! Its been 3 gloomy days for me!

    Cheer up!

  6. He listens.

    Tuhan ga pernah salah, en ga pernah terlambat, el. Hanya saja waktuNya bukan waktu kita..

    cheer up ya, Gbu!

  7. katanya yahh.. iman timbul dr cobaan yg kita alamin.. kalo semua instant.. iman kita cetek terus pasti.. hihi..

    lagian.. everything that are instant not gud for our health..

    indomie misalnya.. tambah gendut yg ada.. ga kurus kita. HAHAHAHHA..

    enjoy the presentand the process yah ccku saiank =)

  8. El, thanks for this post - really what i need today! Thanks again :)

  9. *hugs*
    hope u feel better now :)

  10. Don't know what u're going through but wish God give u courage, wisdom and strength for that *hugs*


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