June 10, 2009

Love of my eyes!

I am addicted to Freshkon Alluring

They are not paying me for advertising but I'm a truly satisfied Freshkon customer.

Just like the tag line

"Beautiful Instantly"

and it really give the literally effect on u,
well some says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
but for me "if u are not born beauty..u shud know how to create beauty"
* quoted from sum1 in America's next top model, is it Tyra banks?..i can't recall*

My favorite Mystical black, and i have 0 degree..so practically I'm using a fashion lense.

And luving it!

1 comment :

  1. IYA yaH... softlens bikin mata IBH inDaH. hikss..*ngiri mode on* pdhl pgn bgt nyoBa tp ga perna dksh ijin. lah kok malah curhat


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