June 20, 2009

Friendship little thingy..

I just feel a bit naive to think that every other people might have the same friendship value level with wut i believe...
I feel stupid for trying to trust sum1 that i think can be my friend..
I feel so numb for this new friendship thingy..
I hope this will end soon
I feel sorry for people who create friendship for benefit sake
I feel pity for people who think they own the world
I feel angry for the attitude that annoyed me to the max!
I'm happy that actually there are other people who understand my position
I'm glad that i understand that sum people don't know how to appreciate
I'm lucky to have FRIENDS that i know for wutever my condition is,
They will be there for me
and i dun have to buy them with anything
I'm one angry lucky girl!


  1. emang ada orang yang gak tulus temenannya. kalo yang kayak begini sih ya gak usah temenan lah.. daripada ribet. toh masih banyak kok orang2 yang temenannay tulus... :)

  2. Iyah man, rasanya...eeerrrrrgggghhhhh sendiri di dalam dada ini!


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