June 04, 2009

Drink and run?

Fish and Co drink
around $6 or $7

Me and Arf tried this drink,

it taste more to pineapple eventho there are other things that they blended in this


You see the size??

It is as BIG as my head


And surprisingly, it taste 6.5/10

of which i expecting 8.9/10??

i dunno..*over expectation*???

~ ###~

Other topic..

We just had a run, and Arf brought his Blackberry with him for *just in case* purpose..

so why waste his effort bringing that bulky thingy?

Might as well, captured the outfit!


Before goes to the outfit part, i just need to share this..when i was running..i keep thinking of burning the calories..burning out the fat..and all of sudden i felt like I'm out of oxygen..so i keep telling my mind to breath and i keep taking a BIG inhale and exhale it as long as i can..and on that very moment i really think " Oh man..i'm going to pass out..can't breath..." and my vision start blurry..

And on that couples of minute, I'm so affraid that sumting might happen to me..and i don't have a chance to live the fullest life of mine..

and yeah, I think that moment gonna change the way i see my life..i prayed to God for His help, and i finally find my way to breath.

Can you imagine that all that things happen in a traffic light
while I'm waiting for the green walk sign

And i think from now on i know how to walk my life.

I hope u, who reading this..know how to walk ur life as well..

Cherished every moment.


SO! back to the outfit..

Arf with his cool glowing line on his t-shirt

I pretty like the effect on this glowing thingy..it look just a silver material on clothes, but it really stands out over the light or flash!

T-shirt: Umbro
Short: Converse
Shoes: Asics

And me posing..

And i got the "glowing effect" on

My Lovely ADIDAS!

T-shirt: Ballet leotard inside, and "cotton on" sleeveless
Pants: Arf's Yonex
Shoes: Adidas

Err...Please kindly focus on the glow not my calf..

I know it's a bit..*ehmm*

Toned, if i may say..


PS: No photoshop


  1. huahh.. kalo ga lu deketin ke kepala lu, kagak keliatan ya, gelasnya gede bangettt... Hahhaa.. Terus isinya full apa cuma separo?

  2. Isinya full el..1/2 es..setengahnya lagi pineapple apa gitu..ga inget...

  3. hahahahhaha, Elrica, gue demen juga tuh Shark drinks nya Fish&Co..mantep bgt!...
    kalo gue ngabisin itu segelas sendirian, lgs beku perut gue,..hahahaha....

  4. @ Nomad girl: lu juga di sg yaaa???


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