June 16, 2009

Guest blogger of da week!

Please welcome my friend: Lili!!

Surely there has to be a reason for Lili to be this week guest, It's simply..Because she is such an inspirational! for me..and girls in our office!

It's a bit pro and con though..but she really stands out among us and her confidence really sparks over the attitude.

Being a plus size in Singapore (unofficially) become a crime, u got no sizes in shops..u got a weird look..and especially when u are unique..u just weird for the crowd.

Sad thing?

yes and no.

But that's why i decided her as my guest.

I like the way she put her clothes on everyday, the color combination and the style that make it so her.

A unique character with oversize ear pierce

A chic sandals with ethnic anklets
plus black nail polish

And of course a stylish Charles and Keith product to complete the look!

Luv it!

And it's not only my personal comment here,
people in the office really notice her for every outfit she wear.

She's one of the spotlight!

And she really inspire people, despite wut size u are..style will be there..and dun let ur inner shine faded because u just 20 pound heavier since the last time u step on ur weight scale!



  1. waa... this post is very inspiring. hihi.. gue waktu masih gadis, ga pede, pake baju apa aja. Soalnya overweight, walaupun belum sampe segede Lily sih.

    Jia You Lily!!

  2. wow...salute for lily! meskipun memiliki tubuh yg overweight tp tetap pd dlm berpenampilan.
    betul kata lu el, inspiring for woman...size doesn't matter :D

  3. Iyah loh, bener kata lu cyn, size bener2 ga matter loh kl urusan fashion, jgn jd kacau penampilannya..gara2 cm kita big size! luv urself!


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