May 24, 2009


Weekend is over!!i luv weekend..for me who work 51/2 day a week..saturday only count as 1/2 leasure day..but today..i'm pretty's a big happy if u notice..xixixi..

i got 2 little pairs of shoes..that joined my collection..and it practically made me spent 5 pairs of shoes in a regret so far..24 over pairs and still growing..i luv shoes, sum people luv lingerie, some luv jeans..or even dresses..i just luv shoes! and no complain allowed..

surprisingly, before i went and bought the extra 2 pairs..mum called and i told her i'm off for shopping and she warned me not to buy any other pairs of shoes as she complaint this way "Ca, there's no way..sum1 spend a pair of shoes every month"and i keep saying " i'm not spent my money on a pair of shoes ma....(i spent on 5 pairs)" but of's off the record for my mum..and she's not an internet*evil grin*

According to mum, i ALWAYS run to the shoes section whenever she brought me for shopping..and even when i was i think i'm naturally loving shoes...hahaha..


My this month catch! it's all about shoes..




Antonio CLub
Hand made

Not recommended, lousy quality
The insole part easily tear off even for the first time u use it!

Adidas bounce

Choose this type for really bounce and work well with ur knee


From Crocs sale



I love shoesssss.....and Arf said " i get it, ok? i get it..stop saying it!"



  1. Banyaaakk sekali... G suka yang Mondo.
    Dulu juga sekali beli sepatu waktu masih kerja, tiap bulan minimal 1 pair, tapi sekarang jarang pake sepatu, pake nya sendal kalo ke pasar. Tapi tetep demen ke shoes section, buat nyoba-nyoba, trus pengeeenn beli, akhirnya urung, karna bakal di simpen doank.

  2. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! spatunya bagus!!!!!!
    Hhehehe... sorry2... gw bener2 ngiler tuh liat spatu murah model begitu....

    Beneran tuh harganya cuma 70 rb-an????? *indo kurs*
    OMG!!! Im not a shoesaholic tapi gw suka liat spatu

  3. murah" bgt el!!!!!!!!!!
    coba ajah disini bisa semurah ituuu...

  4. @ Semuanya: iyah..murah banget en lumayan lah buat gonta ganti matching2an ma baju. En jess, iyah di oklen mahal banget beli boot suede aja $40an padahal bahannya foam lapis suede gitu.

  5. El,..beli dimana tuch?!? murah murah amirr...g susah kalo beli sepatu..akhirnya beli hush puppies mulu,..soalnya empuk, jadi enak dipake jalan,...maklum belum punya mobil...

  6. @NOmad girl: do far east and AMK beli jg cm buat style aja, ngibrit2 kemana-mana biasanya pake crocs..hihihi..abis gw jg masi jalan nih.


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