May 27, 2009

random tot!

Nitemare..the biggest nitemare i ever had!

Gosh..i dreamt of Arf leaving me without any note or anything...


Oh, btw i'm in airport now for another trip to surabaya..and usually i cudn't sleep well a nite before my trip..i'm just so worry missing my flight..and it wake me up every single hour! BLAH..

And about the's all about lousy drama tragic of me as the victim, being left by sum1 i love and whom i think as my forever partner..^^ tragic..and i keep crying and crying..and i even cry in real..lousy emotional!

And another enlighted moment of me this morning was the feeling of being blessed by God, being well taken care of and fully overwhelmed by His presence in my life..and i can't thank Him enough for everything i have and been through all this time. How He show His care and fulfill His promise to me..err..i'm not good in this matters, trust me...BUT God is good all the time, whether u are in GOOD and BAD situation..God is always GOOD. Just find a time to talk to Him, ok?



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