May 06, 2009

In2it eye shadow review

Watson's having 50% disc for In2it eye shadow, and i picked 2 different shades

1. A warm combination of peachy and light brown color for natural look

2. Army glittery green and lime green for a summer yet more sophisticated look on my fair pale skin

And yeah..i bought Maybeline gel eyeliner on Brown too.

Sumting is definitely wrong with me, becoz i start to choose natural color and start luving blue color..


My purchase from Watsons

I tried to create a warm and natural brown peachy look on my right eyes.

As always, the darker shade is for ur eyelid section (or pretend that there's one if u have single eyelid like mine) and the peachy color for the highlight.

Swatches on my hand!

I applied the same methode, darker for the eyelid section and the lime green for the highlights.

And i know this is the VERY basic technique in applying eye shadow, but this really suits for people that are busy in the morning for work and yet still want to look fresh and colorful.

Happy trying


  1. Jadiii... kapan pulang Indo?? Ajarin gue make up duonkzzzz

  2. pulang indonya besok mom..tapi cuma over weekend aja, kapan ya gw pulang lamaan..kita ketemuan yuk para ibu2 blogger..kayaknya seru...

  3. heheee... yukkzzzz... gue juga belom pernah nih ketemu ibu2 blogger. :p


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