April 16, 2009

Thanks God for...

My blogging friends...

I'm glad that i ever visited ur blog and start be friend..

I'm happy to read u and ur love one moments..

I'm glad to share my lonely life here..by knowing that u know how i feel..

Eventho we never meet each other, I'm glad we are crossing each other path..

Thank u


  1. that's a good thing about blogging, isn't it?

    having new friends... :)

  2. I'm so glad dat I've visited ur blog and become friend with u =D
    gak sabar pgn ketemuuu...makanya..buruan ke nz lg El!!!hehehe

  3. @ jess : ntar pas gw ke NZ lu uda ke jepang lagi...doain gw buru2 dipinang dan hijrah kesono ya..ahahhahaha...i'll be happy meeting u.

    @ arman: iyah..it's a good thing, and lucunya..eventho kita ga kenel each other..kok kayaknya asik aja ya kepo mau tau urusan idup orang..hahhahaha


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