April 19, 2009

Kenko time..

Few days ago, me and Arf went to Kenko spa and had this 30 min of foot massage for Arf and Hand, foot and shoulder massage for me.

It's very relaxing and enjoyable, but price wise..!@#$%^&!

u know wut i mean..^_^

They do separate the customer with this thin layer of cloth for privacy purpose, and i luv the effect of the hanging cloth..

it looks like a honeymoon room..eventho i never been to any of it..^^

oh, that's my feet..and i never had any reflexology thingy before..

and it was so bloody painful..Arrghhh..

And they have torture looking chair here for the hand and shoulder massage..

It's a good place after all..everything but the price!

1 comment :

  1. enaknya..tp gw gak tahan el kalo badan gw dipegang"...geli rasanya...wkt itu tmn gw iseng mikit pundak gw...iihhh..geli bgt rasanya...
    btw, kpn dong cobain honeymoon room beneran???gw doain deh biar secepetnya...hehehhee


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