April 22, 2009

Sumting buggin me...


Here are the story,

There's one irritating girl i like to complain about here, we've been talking about past..like wut was our job before and stuff..and when it come to my turn, i told them i was doing event organizer thingy and a "Ballet teacher".. it was a cool and great job!

gez wut??? she was laughing at me..!@#$%^&*

And according to her, with my size now..(btw i'm size 8!) i don't look like a Ballet teacher at all..

I know i never can and WANT drop my size down to size 2 or 0 with flat chest and flat butt..but i am capable in handling classes as a teacher and i really forget to tell her..that i was and am a dancer..i think she will fall from her chair..hahaha..

And i dun think i gain a lot of weight from the last time i put my point shoes on..like i confessed before..i gained 3KG..and when i was actively dancing, i was in size 6..not much different i gez..
and why she bother to death about my size and dance? Where all my friends enjoy seeing me dance and supporting me in keep pursuing my dream..

Hate people that goes for cover..get a life girl!

and i will keep dancing like i danced before..

and one fat girl on Tutu dress for her!



  1. I always excited whenever people talks about ballet...coz when i was a little girl, I really love to read Japan comic which exploring ballet world like "MARI CHAN" hehehehe....

    BTW you look great and stunning in that pic El...!! love it (I wish i could wear such dress too...hihihihi)

  2. gak usah dimasukin ati lah.. orang sirik tanda tak mampu! hehe

  3. Wuaaa.. CAKEP BANGETTTTTT!!!!!! Uhm.. kalo lu tambah ndut, salahin si Arief ajah, ngajakin lu makan mulu kali yah?? Huahhaa...

    ASli, CAKEP BANGETTT!!! Ampe bengong gua pas liat foto lu pake tutu. CANTIKKKKK SEKALI.

  4. OMG!! U are a ballet dancer???
    I think evergirl in dis world like ballet....*mgkn yah* heuehue....



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