April 22, 2009

Pics and Pocs..

Random pics during Vietnam trip

That India guy with Turban, he's my manager..

Discussion keep going on and on..no matter where u are and what u are doing..
and i didn't know kat was posing for camera..

This cake was awesome! and i luv the way Megan took the pic..

Busy preparing myself for Dinner and again, Megan took a lovely pic!
thx again..

I like the curly effect on my hair!


And during short break, we run to the city to get sumting!

and i'm in Luv with this bag but i dun have place to keep it..so i took a picture of it!

And another bag shop

Oh my...i luv bags!!


Tourist SHot

There's a building behind us, and it's one of a must visit coffee shop in Hanoi
but we feel satisfied by taking picture of it from a distance.

It doesn't look tempting though!

We stand close to each other, yeah..
Why? becoz it was cold..


And finally end of 75 min break..

Eventho we feelin cold and got nothing really special, we really enjoyed the traffic and Hanoi.

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