April 17, 2009

Di umur 25 ku...

1. Di Sg
2. Work as Marketing executive
3. Still love dancing and always love doing it
4. Gain 3kg since stop Ballet
5. Still having a complete parents
6. Having a boyfriend
7. Start liking diamond
8. Start saving seriously
9. Living on my own
10.Having a roomate for the very first time ( it's u netty!!)
11.Been to new zealand (i wanted this trip since i was 17)
12.Having a personal experience with my God
13.Realise that family is very important to me
14.Missing Tzun family, and Ballet friends so so much
15.Wanting to get married and have baby
16.Been moving 4x during 2 years stay in SG
17.Thanking my God for all opportunities that I got
18.Need more holiday than ever..
19.Actively blogging
20.Happy being happy, cheerful, and active 25 y/o lady..


  1. ultah ya...
    happy birthday ya!!

  2. El, ultah yah??happy bday yahhh =D

  3. Thanks God, u r 25. hehehe...
    Udh sembuh belon??

  4. mulai menyukai diamond ya El??? sama donnggg.... diamonds are woman's best friend yaaaa.....

  5. @ Arman and jess: ultahnya 2 bln lalu kok...br mikir2nya sekarang..hahhahaha..

    @mommy: gw pikir gw uda sembuh, tp td pagi gw ke dokter..dokter blg gw masi fever..jd bingung..

    @ keyne: iyah keyne..kemaren diamond sale disini..sampe 80%..yg 1 carat jd sisa $4000 dari $15000..gile yah!

  6. wah idup u bener2 seru..bisa move to SG,new zealan,,seruu....happy bday y 2bulan lalu :D..wish u d best en more challenging experience ya.. :)..jodoh dah minta blum :D GBU!

  7. @Santi: uda minta dunk, minta dari 2 taon yg lalu...tinggal tunggu konfirmasi aja nih, yang terbaik apa bukan...semoga yg terbaik buat gw!


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