October 12, 2008

the choice is not mine..

Have you ever wonder, why the very first question for most Indonesian people to ask when it comes to the family is " wut is his/her parents do for living?" i dun found that question often asked by other people but Indonesian! and i try to sort the meaning behind it..and it's kinda broke my heart.

See this, girl from a rich family, good financial and education background, business are great run by her dad and mum, never work hard for living..becoz everything is there for her.., this lucky bitch has the biggest probability to be accepted by her partner family. ~nothing to worry about, she's all good~


there's this girl..not even close to rich, average education background, not so pretty too, mum and dad working to fund the living..no business to pass on to the next generation, but she's working hard to gain a better living..and she really work hard for that.. but when it come to her partner family, tons of question are there and a lot of consideration to be made..and the possibility of rejection still there..sitting up high on the list..

Do you guys see how people judge somebody by his/her family background..rich is good and vice versa..then how about the person's personality?..how about the sincerity to be part of family?..how about her/his feeling inside? does that matters to those judges??

If the choice is mine, i will choose to be a girl from a family with good education background, moderately rich, pretty, get everything i want, and be accepted in my partner family without further questions..

but unfortunately the choice isn't mine..and i never regret to be a part of my family now, i never regret to have a parent like my mum and dad..they are the best and God has choose them for me.

So screw wut people says about ur family background and stuff!! for you, yes you! never ever let sumbody look down to you for how and wut ur family background is..becoz..who ever is that, is not worth ur tears!


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