October 20, 2008

When i have time to sort myself out, like now...i often come up with questions..a lot of questions and tought..negative and positive..opportunity..SWOT..and tought again..

and i was wondering..if i were myfriend who just broke up with her bf after 3 bloody dating years and ended up with..nothing..i think i will be numb person with no emotion at all..and after the denial stage of being left by sum1 whom u trust the most..i will find sum1 handsome to go for one nite stand..hahahaha..well it just a random silly tot that came up accidentally..and..and..i was thinking if that shit can happen to my friend..it might happen to me too..well of course we date different guy, but seeing there's a chance of being dump.. i feel insecure..

for wut i know, i currently date a very good guy i ever met in my life..characters and attitude is there, but we can handle that in a smooth way..he's very forgiving and accept me for who i am.but i dunno why the feeling inside *here* (touching my chest) is unbearable and it make me cry sumtimes..without a reason why of course.

note: when i write this entry..i just finish with my period things..so this is not PMS taking control.

i hate to feel insecure and feel it alone..and there's a hesitation of sharing it with the party involved..b'coz..sumtimes..he just simply don't understand..and i dunno how to start..


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