October 28, 2008

it's an unexpected sweetness...

Yesterday, Arf asked me a quite wierd question..which was this
" why u choose me as ur Bf?"
... .... ....
i dunno wut to answer, i have few answers in my mind like
1. i want to marry you
2. i want u to be my forever partner
3. i just want u..
as simple as that..but if i ever said up that answer, he could be stunt and take it as pressure..as always..so i decided to chose anothe regular answer like
" i can be myself when i'm with you"
And..and..surprise..surprise..he said he din satisfied with my answer..and he said " if u asked me that question, my answer will be
* i want u to be my future partner*
or sumkind along that line..."
i'm too amazed to remember..
So i was like..is that person really him? b'coz all i know he kinda affraid of that kind of commitment if i may say..but, why suddenly he expecting that type of answer from me...
So at nite, i just dropped him the truly feeling inside thru msn..
i said
" i chose u to be my bf, b'coz i want u to be my forever partner and father for my children"
and my tears just burst and i cudn't handle it..
but sumting here *chest* finally feel better..
luv the feeling and him

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