April 25, 2007


This morning I went for a job interview, after da interview i had my brunch with mario and after saying gudbye i took number 15 bus to eunos MRT. When i was about to walk to the MRT station from da nearest bus stop...(oh, forget to tell u da situation..it was raining..a heavy one!) so i cover my head using my plastic folder and start to walk,while waiting for the traffic light there's a lady in navy blue t-shirt and blue umbrella stand besides me..she *puk-puk my shoulder and asked me to join her under her big umbrella!! -ohh..i feel so touched, why?? becoz..it was so sweet, i can never imagine there's a people out there who still have that kindness..(especially these day in Singapore, where they are too busy to learn to share and everybody here are so egocentric) =(

anyway, her name is sharon..she's about to start her own retail shop @ arab street, there's a place called Haji lane..but it will be open in june (humm...ya i think june), so..we say goodbye as we reached the MRT station..and she gave me her blog address. Soon after i get her reply for permission to put in my link, i will post it in "ma friends link"..u can check it out.

thanx sharon!


  1. "she *puk-puk my shoulder"

    it supposed to be she 'tapped' ur shoulder!!


  2. Hi Elrica! It's 'umbrella' sharon here. Thnks for such a sweet post. :) Hey, latest update on my shop- should be opening in July. I'll keep you posted. Gd luck and hope to see you moving to the east soon!


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