April 11, 2007

by request..

This post is dedicated to Arief..
* He asked me to put his pic ( a nice one) and want me to publish it in my lovely blog.

Since i've put his and our pic here..i will share how unique our relationship can be..it started when we were junior high school ( 1997)..we dated each other for 2 years, 9 month and 2 days. then we broke up...why? becoz..sumbody said to me that he had sum1 else in New zealand ( ups..haven't mentioned that we had a long distance relationship), so i just believed in that person and broke him up!!uhmm if i think it over again..i think it was my mistake, being to naive and too easy to listen to someone's else! i shud re-check it again.

Then years goes by, He dated with sum1 else and either do i...oh, i even keep contact with his ex ( u know who u are..hehehhehe)..and 8 years later..which is now..we're together again!!

from my side, i found that sumting about him attract me more and more..hahahha...i will stop it here! hahahahaha..

This da pic:

It's him with his cousin

with me


  1. Hi from eskimo land
    ps : U look nice 2gether :-)

  2. L O L!!!!!!!
    gua mo ketawa nih el..
    gud on the two of you


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