May 12, 2007

hate u...bloody taxi driver!!

uhhh...i am SO PISSED!! tonite we (me,arief, tin2 en yang) went to "aston specialties" to eat, and it's in east coast road. so from paya lebar MRT we took a cab to that place. As soon as we got a cab, we tell the driver to go to that place, i dunno why..i think he confused about where the place is, and he keep asking us about the place...and we keep tell him where we wanna go, and suddenly the conversation turn like this

driver: do u speak english? it's not really clear..

arief: yes! i said we are going to opp roxy square

driver: u have to cross the road.

arief: no we are going to the opposite!

driver: ya..i know..but ah..ur english is very bad hah..sorry to say this!!

Wut the hell??!!??!!...uncle, come on!!! do you think ur english is as good as ours??? hah???? u are a singaporean uncle, how can u said foreigner who stayed in new zealand for 8 years hv a bad english and ur english is better than him???
*i didn't mean to offence singaporean, i know sum of you have a good and perfect english..but trust me..not this uncle!!!!!

i am so pissed!! and that uncle is very courtesy at all, and obviously dunno how to handle a customer! stupid!!..huahhh...
and IF, that uncle expect me to respect him as a young respect the older..i'll definitely not gonna do that!! and IF he ask or scold me, i will answer him " uncle, young people always learn from the older one..and i learn from you"

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  1. wakakakakakakak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course singaporean uncles dont have much manners. Remember the story of James Choy (also a singaporean uncle)....


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