April 18, 2007

Back in the old days

This picture is taken back in 2005 @ the valley, Bandung (West java)...we just sat in cafe and had dinner..it was so relaxing, we just talk about crap and wut we're gonna do in the future..i will put sum pics here..just check it out, it was so special for me..becoz now..we're all sperated in different places..

me-with short hair, singapore

Arip-with his long hair, Singapore

Bije- still with the same hair style, Beijing

Adin-same hair style, Jakarta

Left: Abraham a.k.a T-conk, same hair style, UAE

Right: Afilia, i dunno her hair style now, Bandung

Maybe you might wondering " humm..why el put hair style in every comment of her pics?"

i dont have any particular reasons, i just like to comment it since i saw my pic with my short hair..hehehehe..

*miss u guys*

Sumtimes u just never realise how fast time goes by ^_^

1 comment :

  1. do i really have to put comments here? well,u insist sista..

    why r u commenting on each person's hair?

    hahaha..apakah komen guwe yang ga penting bisa jadi berarti like wot u said before?


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