April 08, 2007

Friends to hang out with..

Ok, i've been staying in Singapore for 3 months ( if i count it from my previous arrival)..and u guys might be wondering who am i hang out with and now i will introduce them to you..

Let me think..humm..the first 2 person that i met was on somebody's potluck..and we were invited through 3 differents friends..i can't really remember it..anyway..here they are:

-Yang-da man!!

He is very outgoing and very socialable, but very bad in showing directions!never ever trust him when he start to say " Don't worry, trust me.. i know the way!!!" never ever trust him eventough he looks so convincing!


I like her, that's why i still hang out with her..we're just click with each other since the first time we met..she's very lady like and she want to make a very luxurious hotel (lobby-red) with her $2 million .^_^

Arief a.k.a Arf (that's how Yang call him)

Can't say too much..he is my boyfriend!

So, 4 of us usually meet during weekend, have dinner together and chilled out sumwhere else where Tin2 always looks so tired and always wanna go home but Yang keep insisting her to join us! hahahha...

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  1. wettttttttttt.. noice noice noice!!
    lo membuat gua pengen meneruskan karir gua sebagai blogger hebat di blogspot. wekekekekeke.. gak dinggg
    kangen nihhh ><
    moga2 lo sering update yaaa! biar kita uptodate terus! heuehue


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