May 04, 2015

Middle East Inspired - Make up tutorial

Little update before I start sharing about my make up tutorial:

We are finally counting down to our moving, New Zealand, here we come!
I couldn't believe that we are finally bought one way ticket to Auckland, it's a mix feeling between excited (to start another adventure!) and scared (of the uncertain future). But, i guess that what makes an adventure worth to take, right? The thrill of facing the unknown :)

This tutorial might be the last tutorial I made in Singapore, the next make up tutorial will be from Auckland, New Zealand! Woohooooo!!

Anyhoo..for this tutorial, I'll be using Luscious cosmetic Singapore, this is generously sponsored to me and ugh, I am already liking it. I'll be sharing on how to achieve the before to after look below:
Make up makes me happy, and it definitely makes me look different too! I love experimenting with colors and eyeliner, and if you notice I created a thick liner in my " after " look, inspired by the middle east make up that I incorporated to my Asian look. I hope you guys like it :)

Let's get started!

These are the base make up, and the foundation I use for this tutorial. I'm not gonna go details on the products review and the ingredients, but if you are interested to read more; by all means, please visit Luscious Cosmetics Singapore or check out at the Luxola websites. What I'm going to tell you is how the products works on my skin, and what are the pro and cons in it.

To start, I apply the Whitening base (for dry/normal skin) all over my face. This step, instantly brightens up my face and keep the blemishes and my under eye off tone slightly better. If you have oily face, please don't use this product. I notice that my dry skin becomes really moisturized the moment, it sits in on my skin. Which is in my case, works wonder!

Once the whitening base is set, I combine the flawless liquid foundation with the HD mineral foundation. The reason why I combine this 2 different type of foundation is to get the consistency I want. The flawless finish liquid foundation is thicker with high coverage - but I don't feel like covering all face with this, so I dilute it with the HD mineral foundation. 

The HD mineral foundation has a watery and light texture compare to the flawless finish, I personally think this is good for daily foundation. I don't wear foundation on my normal days, but if you do - this is a good choice.

Some like to apply it with beauty blender, some like to use warm finger to blend it into skin, and I like to apply it with brush, and blend it with sponge (when I am working for a client), and spread it evenly with my finger (at home).

Apply it as you like, all you need to make sure is the finishing must be smooth and blend nicely with your skin. I like to draw butterfly wing technique and spread it outward, this will help to achieve that evenly spread foundation look.

Always remember to set any liquid application with powder. 
I use Flawless Finish Powder Foundation.

This is a powder foundation, so it has high coverage compare to loose powder. DO note, if you apply with the sponge that comes with it - it will build up the coverage over the liquid foundation. If this is what you would like to achieve, then probably you can damp up your sponge first :)

I use brush to pick up the light pigment.

- APOLOGIZE for the inconsistent lighting; I took photo with my ring light in front of my big window, and that day..the weather was like sunny thunder storm kind of day- 

Shading time! 
This product is nor Luscious cosmetics, this is actually some Japanese brand I bought during my media trip to Tokyo. Definitely a good buy with awesome quality.

I contour my face, like all the time!! I mean whenever I put my make up on, I ALWAYS do this simple yet powerful step. I think i look flat when I am not contouring my face, and take a look at my simple chart on the area that you can easily contour to make your face more dimensional.

As simple as dusting some contour powder on the hair line, the sides of nose bridge, under the cheekbone, and chin area. This way, it brings the attention to the center area.

The next step, is completely optional - you can do your blush on the later part as well. But, I like to see how my complexion done before I start my eye make up. This is to avoid looking " Too much effort " kind of make up. You know those moment when you finish doing your eyes, then blush, then your lips, and you realized - shit,! Give me some tissue! and you start wiping your make up off..^^

Once I am done with the blush, I apply the Angel Eyes Eyeshadow primer. In my opinion, the texture is very pigmented and strong for eye primer - so, you might want to just apply a little dot on your finger and spread it evenly on the eyelid.

I like to rub the primer between my finger to somehow " warm " it for easier application.

..and the excess primer to fading out my lips color..

Now, I am ready for the most interesting part..Eye MakeUp!

I'll be using the Spring Bloom eyeshadow palette for this look. The color is gorgeous, and pretty pigmented, but it is slightly powdery - I think it is best to apply primer first to keep the powdery effect less powdery ^^ and makes the color does stands out even more.

Left: Without Primer. Right: With Primer

I think tutorial, I'll be using this shimmery beige as my base, dark purple, and moss green eyeshadow to bring out a little spring in the look. Not to mentioned that I am currently super like this kind of green from the Arrow movie. :D

Take a look on my amateur diagram below. Ok, first I need to explain why I end up drawing this kids like like for my tutorial! It's because le hubby fall asleep without installing photoshop in the computer, and I want to start that second! So, I drew it with paint. -_-'

Anyway..Apply the base color all over the eyelid, and the dark purple color until the eye socket area.
If you like to use 2 eyeshadow color, you can stop here and proceed to lashes step. But if you don't, then..let's scroll now :)

Top the moss green color on the eye socket area and blend it higher, leaving the purple color hidden underneath. I know it might looking a lil meh', right now, just stay with me a lil longer; I'll prove you the otherwise. :)

Stick your favourite faux lash just right above the natural lash..

..and take your blending brush to soften the eye shadow edge.

If you are doing it right, your eye make up will look like this..and you are ready for the eyeliner!

I will not go into details for the eyeliner, but just in case you would like to know what eyeliner I am using, it's Starlash liquid eyeliner in black. I am drawing it in arch-y shape, and 1/3 longer than my natural eye shape. 

Then, I apply pencil eyeliner on the lower waterline to create the dramatic eye look.

Once we are done with the eye makeup, Don't forget to draw your eyebrow..and apply the Luscious signature lipstick in Ice Rasberry (right), this color is subtle enough to stand out in my face. LOL - what kind of explanation is this?

 This is what I am talking about..the perfect icy lips look that I think goes well with most of make up.

I know this might not be the everyday make up look, but hey..let's have some fun in creating the beauty of make up, shall we? 

How do you like this tutorial? I still have something to play with Luscious throw me ideas on the look I should created in the future?

If you wonder where can you get this gorgeous cosmetics at, you can hop on to LUXOLA.COM - LUSCIOUS (of course!) to get it!

Have fun shopping!

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