April 18, 2015

Watson's Girls Day Out!

Was probably one of the best event I attended, lately! It's been a while since I enjoyed my Monday night, and it is even better to spent it with my fella bloggers that I knew from the 1st time I started blogging in Singapore! I ALWAYS shop in Watson, it's Singapore favourites number one health and beauty store in Singapore anyway - who doesn't shop in Watson? and I pretty much can found anything I need (or I want) in Watson, so this year - I am keen to know the highlight brand and products they have in the house. 

The event started by opening speech from Mr. Daniel Teo..and to launch Watson's estore as well, all you need to do is go to www.watsons.com.sg and find out how you can shop and beat the Q in the shop by just doing the " Click & Collect " system :) Or if you wish to deliver the heavier items to you place, you can arrange this too! Free delivery for min spending of $80.

The brand tour begin when we were split into few groups and we visited brands counter to take a look on the products and what is so exciting about it! Not in orderly form, here are some of the brand that I managed to experience that night, and I think it's pretty interesting :)

Originated in France with the finest selection of fresh floral. Simply said it is shower gel with real flower in it. My favourite is cherry blossom and rose, although I finally tried the Lavender that I got in my goodie bag - and loving it too. 

Retailing at $19.90

I think this definitely going to be a cool gift for mum or sis. 

Lovin' it, using it, and can't leave my house without it!
I am using this L'oreal extraordinary oil for my perm-ed hair, and this is goooood, damn good to keep my hair frizz free and look healthy.

L'oreal introduces the new OleoTherapy - Hair expertise's first oil-infused replenish system for dry and damage hair. This made out of heavenly blend of 6 flowers Oils - Argan oil, Chamomile Oil, Gardenia Oil, Lotus Oil, Rose Oil, and flaxseed Oil.

Shampoo & Conditioner retailing at $15.90
Hair Recovery Mask at $19.90
Self heating oil at $25.90

I am in love with the smell and adores the texture that keeping my hair feel light and bouncy.
We definitely need this for our daily wear - and especially after the hair drier, hair curler, and whatever things we did to our hair.

Retailing at $19.90


This is funny, after few round of beauty tour..we came to the toothpaste booth with a big name like DARLIE, COLGATE and SENSODYNE..

then we were escorted to this brand call " SMILE MAKER ", so we thought this might be another new products for mouth. It kinda make sense, right? to think that this related to oral health? It has SMILE word in it, yes?
This is actually a Vibrator. Not for your mouth-mouth though, it's for the other one. :P

The name of this smile maker are based of the survey they did by asking " WHO is your fantasy that would like to have an intimate moment with? " result came out as:

1. Millionare
2. The Fireman
3. The Frenchman
4. The Tennis Coach

I got this in my goodie bag, shall I try it and see how far I like my intimate session with the Frenchman?


They just recently launch Smile Maker exclusively with Watson and conducted a research by global research company TNS in March 2015, the ‘Good Vibe’ survey polled 800 women in Singapore, aged 18 to 50, on their perceptions on sexual well-being and their views on self-pleasure.

Some of the key findings include:
Only 30% of women in Singapore are satisfied with their sex lives
Feeling loved and happy were ranked as the top two benefits from having sex, followed by feeling beautiful and healthy
67% have masturbated as it makes them feel happy and good about themselves, yet half still believe talking about it is taboo
1 in 2 say they self-pleasure to relieve stress and tension
On average, women in Singapore masturbate thrice a month, and 50% think the ideal frequency should be at least once a week

What do you think about this?

Photo Credit: Carrie Sim from Cambelles
How many hours a day do you stares in computer, ipad, you phone, and TV? 2 hours? 3 hours? or maybe 8 hours? The constant exposure to this digital device could cause the digital eye strain, and that is why Energeyes digital lenses come for rescue. The energeyes digital lenses employs a proprietary technology that is able to reduce harmful blue light by 50% and eliminate glares from digital screen.

Retailing at $67.90

Photo Credit: Carrie Sim from Cambelles
Time surely fly when we enjoy the moment but I will close my post by sharing with you guys on my favourites items that I received in my HUGE goodie bag ever! Not for bragging purpose, but I want to let you know that this brands and products are also available at my favourite beauty & health store in Singapore, Watsons.

EUCERIN volume filler & L'OREAL Revitalift

SILKY GIRL & REVLON colorstay moisture stain

WATSONS Hair Pro & BLURIA Shampoo

ASIENCE Shampoo & Conditioner



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