May 31, 2015

Chic & Stylish earphone by Sudio Sweden

I am grateful for this blog, and the chance I have, to be in touch with amazing brand inside and outside Singapore. Just like this super stylish earphone by Sudio from Sweden. Focus in style and quality, Sudio range is definitely a kind that i would definitely use to prop up my iphone. I like the simplycity of Klang range, and ever since i'm not a big fans of white color earphone..and not a type to pick the plain black, I finally pick the brown color- a color with sophisticated touch. 

The whole packaging comes with a dvd box kind of shape, complete with the most elegant pouch I ever see in earphone world, a pin, and a different kind of ear plug size. It feels like opening an iphone packaging; all are in order with simplicity in design. They have the idea to create timeless elegant design that is suitable for every day of the week, regardless if we are listening to music on our way to a black tie event or enjoying a sunny day in shorts and a polo. The Sudio sound piece will be the elegant companion.
A product should be intuit and ready to use at all time. As we all can see, their philosophy being employed in their stay-in-ear feature which let the user wear the earphones like an accessory around the neck - ready to use at all time. Stayin-ear prolongs lifetime as the earphones wears out every time they are squeezed down in one’s pocket.

I personally use this earphone from my time in Singapore and now in New Zealand - the thing that make it different to me is I dress up most of my time in Singapore, while in New Zealand - I kinda loose up a lil :) But all in all, my current favourite Klang suits both my days in busy city and in more relaxed town like Auckland. Suits both on my little black dress, while walking to the mrt and a casual sweater for walk in a park on this gorgeous Autumn in Auckland. 

My daily essentials!
Burberry shade and Klang earphone by Sudio.

If you keen in getting one, which i think you should! Here is the discount code Pinkbuble15 for 15% off of the product, they do ship internationally too! Place your order now :)

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