September 03, 2014

How I cope with my stress :)

What do you do when you are under stress? Are you marching straight to your fridge and grab a bar of oh so delicious chocolate? Or are you run straight to your cookie jar and wipe all of them?

Me? I eat a whole bowl of Ramen or a full plate of yang chou fried rice! Basically it's a free day for carbs!! Which is bad and i finally found a better way to calm myself down during the stress period, and it works to keep my figure as well :)

If you are a caffein slave like I am, go for a great coffee or a cup of award winning tea to fill the caffeine intake.

For coffee, i pick nespresso capsule.
I love to drink it cold. All i do is just putting 2 cubes of sugar, nespresso capsule and a good cold milk.

For the tea, nothing beats TWG! And the newly found tes - Shanghai Tisanes.
Oooh, purely indulgence.

I love to indulge myself with a good shower too. Something lavenderish really works to calm my nerves down and give me a good sleep at night.

I recommend acca kappa in lavender, the range available in Takashimaya level 3.

I am also taking a booster from Centrum STRESStabs,

Who doesn't know Centrum? As reliable as Centrum supplement, Centrum Stresstabs is a high strength Vitamin B complex supplement containing all the necessary nutrients to provide one with energy to boost both mental and physical health. It's available in gender specific formulas that are tailored to meet specific needs of men & women; contains zinc for men and iron + folic acid for women.

Do you know that to help one cope with stress in the fast-paced modern society, Watsons and Pfizer has introduced the new STRESStabs, a high strength vitamin B complex supplement which contains all the necessary nutrients to provide one with energy to deal with hectic everyday life. With Vitamin B complex infused, this energy booster provides the body with nutrition support in times of stress by replenishing energy levels. Vitamin B Complex is required by the body to maintain and sustain optimal performance. It plays a key role in cell metabolism and are therefore critical for energy production in the body.

STRESStabs is available at selected Watsons stores. The item retails at S$26.75 for STRESStabs Men 60s and S$26.75 for STRESStabs Women 60s (prices are with GST).

Lastly, I am enjoying my time with Lil love. Every moment I spent with him takes me to another world where making him happy and healthy seems to be the ultimate goal.

This are my ways to help me coping with stress, you can try it to see if you are any better afterwards. :)

Stay happy!

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  1. ah bole banged tuh dicoba ya...
    nespresso capsule nya keren banged, beli dimana? enak yah??

    1. gw beli mesinnya di Takashimaya Orchard, dan gw suka banget sih. rasanya beda beda and intensitasnya kopinya juga ada level levelnya gitu teph :)


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