August 26, 2014

Biolee journey part 3 - Tuesday Treatment!

It's treatment time!

Do you have an acne marks that you wish to remove? or at least, making it appear sheerer than how it usually is? If you have, I would liek to recommend and Try this: 

Biolee Acnepris treatment serum.

This amazing serum is light and absorbs quickly into your skin, erasing stubborn acne marks. The amazing pine pollen extract is able to penetrate deeply into your skin to correct discoloration left behind by your past acne woes. You can soon bid your heavy concealer and thick foundation goodbye, and welcoming your clean face :)

The packaging is so compact and really one of the to go kind.
The texture is water based and it gives a cooling feel when you first apply it. It didn't clog my pores and it's light, so pretty much suit this Singapore humid weather. I think we all had enough of greasy texture for this forever sunny weather, and that is why I love this Biolee treatment Serum the most.

I use it on my face and neck every alternate days and looking forward to see the result.

Are you currently looking for this kind of treatment?
If you do, why don't you give this Biolee Acnepris treatment serum a shot?

Available at John Little Plaza Singapura and Marina Square
Go grab it!

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