September 25, 2014

Disney baby is in Singapore!

Disney baby is in Singapore!
As a mom of almost 1 year old son, this news is as good as having a new cosmetics brand in town and it's a must to check out!

Disney unveiled the new Disney Baby in Southeast Asia debut at Singapore’s leading parenting expo - Rise and Shine. I was there to shop for little one and when I saw the Disney booth, I immediately mesmerized by how wonderful and gorgeous the theme are, and I immediately join the contest to pick my favourite room in hoping to win the Disney hamper worth $400!

 The new Disney Baby collections provide feel-good, unique products organized around key moments of the day, including Dressing Baby, Mealtime, Playtime and On-the-Go.  The entire range of Disney Baby licensed consumer products offering for expectant parents, new-borns and toddlers will now be available for the first time in Singapore. 

I have some of the goodies from Disney baby that literally bring me back to my childhood memories and it gives me a warm feeling in my heart to know that I am growing up with Disney, and now I got a chance to pass on the Disney magic to my son.

Disney Baby provides Singaporean parents with quality products they need for creating magical moments right from the start, enhanced by the positive family-bonding and magical connection that only Disney brings. The range of products available spreads across nursery linens, feeding time, apparel, toys, bath-time and home-ware.

Disney Baby is distinctively more design-led, particularly the apparel offering, featuring a contemporary colour palette and beloved Disney characters and stories which parents and gift-givers recognise and treasure. The creative direction ensures ranges are coordinated with the emphasis on mixing and matching Disney character accents across ranges, especially within the nursery and home-ware collections. Characters which feature in the Disney Baby range at launch include Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other classic Disney characters like Bambi.

“With Disney Baby, families can connect and grow a special lasting bond with our stories and characters. Our unique emotional connection with Southeast Asia’s families and kids differentiates Disney Baby, when compared to other baby brands as a trusted choice for expectant and new moms,” says Mark Coleman, General Manager – Retail and Licensing, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

“The Disney Baby represents a high quality that parents can trust and numerous gifting opportunities for extended family and friends who want to share in the Disney magic,” he adds.
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