August 01, 2014

[Food review] Authentic Thai food: Rochor Thai

If you are a fan of Thai food, you must come and experienced a nice authentic Thai food dining at

Rochor Thai
340 Joo Chiat Road
Phone: 6440 3270

This humble and amazing restaurant is a kind of place that you definitely would like to try if you had enough beef char kwetiau or the typical tom yum soup in some Thai food restaurant chain, because the food you are about to enjoy in Rochor Thai - is nothing close to that. It's way better!

Me and le Mr. was invited by Momma Susan from for a dinner meet up and enjoy some signature dishes at Thai Rochor. At first, we kinda expect to have the typical Thai food with Tom Yum & friends, but like I said before..foods are damn yumm yumm and I think it's really a privilege to taste the origin food from Central Thailand. A place that not much Thai food chain has to offer in the menu.

We start the evening with a perfect taste of Thai ice tea.

Then proceed to the appetizer :)

Som Tum Kai Kem – Papaya Salad with Salted Duck Egg $8.80
pounded with carrots, long beans, garlic, chilies, dried shrimps, peanuts and 
“tum”-ed with our special tamarind sauce and salted duck egg. 
This is a dish Thais can eat every day!

To the " not typical " Tom Yum soup.
It's more to salty spicy taste instead of the sour and spicy in the taste bud.

Po Taek Talay – Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup $8.80(S) $15.80(L) 
only at Rochor Thai, our version of the clear tom yum is a must try! 
Aside from being spicy, you will experience a warmth coming up from within that 
you will not have experienced in any tom yum elsewhere!

The main dish is superb, although this grilled pork is not my favourite of the night - Momma Susan swear by this menu and enjoying it to the fullest.

Kor Moo Yang – Grilled Pork Collar $12.80
perfectly grilled upon order and served with a North Eastern style dip. 
Definitely succulent!

This is one of the best dish! Not belachan kang kong taste, let me warn you. This is 10x better than kang kong belachan. Enough said - IS A MUST TO ORDER!

Wok Fried Morning Glory - Pak Boong Fai Daeng $7.80(S) $11.80(L) 
Classic Thai favourite with fermented bean paste and chillies.

The most tender squid I ever tried in Thai resto :)
The salted egg sauce is *yumm* to die for!

Salted Egg Squid - Pla Meuk Pad Kai Kem $14.80(S) $22.80(L)              
A test of our Chef’s knife skills. Flower cut squid are coasted with a pungent 
salted egg sauce that is perfect with white jasmine rice.

If you are seafood lover, what not to love about prawn, yeah?
Order this, and thank me later :)

Pad Pong Curry Prawns $18.80(S) $26.80(L)
famous Thai pad pong curry sautéed with fresh prawns and eggs. As iconic
to Thailand as chilli crab is to Singapore, a must try!

Healthy and yummy!
Gaeng Som Pla – Orange Curry of Poached Red Snapper $26.80 
(with 1 day advanced order) 
another dish every Thai loves. Fresh red snapper is lightly poached in an
orange curry, served with acacia omelette and fresh vegetables. Thais love this more than tom yum. 

PS: This is NOT street food! And another test of the Chef’s skills.

We all know that it's a must to order dessert in thai resto, right? or it's just me?
I love closing my meal with something sweet and for some reason no matter how full i am, I always have an extra compartment for dessert stuff :P

Khao Niew Ma Muang – Mango Sticky Rice $7.80
a match made in heaven. 
Fresh yellow Thai mangoes are paired with sweet coconut-y warm sticky rice.

Red Rubies | Tab Tim Grob $4.80
Water chestnut cubes are coated with a thin tapioca starch and served with ice cold

sweet salty coconut milk!

This is us, with Joel - The owner and one of the chef from the awesome team at Rochor Thai.
Apart from Joel, they have in house Thai chef to create the magic in the taste. 
One thing that I always like about any business, is when the owner take part and hands on to the business activities - it just somehow gives me a personal touch to the service.

So, thank you Momma Susan and Joel for having us that night.
We will definitely be back!

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  1. kelaitannya enak2 ric... jadi ngiler.. :D

  2. the pork collar looks delicious !!
    also the curry prawns..


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