August 04, 2014

Watson's fresh baby wipes

It's really a nice surprise delivery from the kind people at Watson! 

This Watson's fresh baby wipes selling retail for $2 (70 sheets) is definitely one of the affordable and good quality baby wipes. The packaging is cute looking animals on the bright yellow packing, how adorable! 

Just so you know, Fresh Watson's baby wipes does not contain alcohol and its dermatology tested. Just a perfect type for my lil love sensitive skin. We used up all the wipes mostly for nappy area and it's nice to know that Fresh Watson's baby wipes is gentle on baby skin and soothing for nappy area - i bet it's because of the aloe vera extract in each sheet.

So if you are looking for a soothing, and comforting baby wipes - maybe you can give Watson fresh baby wipes a shot :) 

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