June 09, 2014

Little sneak peak of my transformation with Mary Chia

Back to my update on Mary Chia treatment!

When I shared my Mary Chia journey with some people..one of my friend said that what I lose in Mary Chia is only water weight! and not the fat. Hmmff..how should I put this thing to Miss know everything?

I would say, yes It's true that you lose the water weight during the treatment, but what you don't know..is during the treatment - the machine and the methode changing you fat cells into acid form that will secreted out from your body in 24 hours. So, the losing weight part doesn't stop after the 45 mins of your session with Mary Chia. It's way more than that.

This is me on the left  when I just started Mary Chia treatment and the right photo, i took last weekend.
This transformation surely not just water weight, right?

To find out more about the treatment I have call 6250 7949 or visit Mary Chia outlet at 
183/185 Goldhill Centre Thomson Road
Singapore 307628
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  1. wah, kece banget bisa tirus gini pipinya..
    nanya donk ci, ini hanya untuk wajah saja? atau seluruh badan?
    range biaya nya berapa?


  2. Elllll.... somehow kok aku lebih demen dirimu yang mukanya agak chubby :) Serius hehe. Bodynya aja deh yang dikecilin, tp mukanya jangan terlalu haha. Boleh gak? Hihihi....


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