June 25, 2014

How to create powerful make up with simple items?

Hello ladies!

I am sharing up my little guidance especially for you who standing in front of make up counter and wondering what to buy to create a powerful make up. You can actually stock up many foundations, blushes, eye shadows and as much lipsticks as you like - but if you are not that kind of person, I hope i can share my basic tips on getting make up stuff.

Let's start this, shall we?
Oh, this is how I look like without make up:

Sometimes, I want to create my right side look for a business meeting, event, or maybe my son's friend birthday party. You know, just to avoid the " just wake up " look on my face :)

and on the other time I am loving a glamours look for a date night with le hubby. 

But If you are not fancy a strong eye make up, you can always go for a casual look and tone down the lower liner..Just like my daily look as below. 

Too troublesome for make up? Don't close my blog just yet, because I am going to ask you if you know that actually with just using 6 make up items, you are pretty much good to go?

As simple as this 6 basic items:
1. BB cushion/Pressed powder
2. Eyebrow pencil
3. Cheek tint
4. Faux lashes
5. Soft colour lipstick
6. Eyebrow powder

Another secret to create a bigger eye illusion is by using a circle lens - I am using Freshkon in grey.
The other key element for a bigger eyes is faux lashes. I am using one of my favourite brand - Starlash in DB 31 to create the look. 

But before sticking the lashes, I like to start my make up by drawing my eyebrow.
I am using both, pencil and eyebrow powder to define eyebrow.

One easy trick to draw eyebrow is to draw the outer shape according to you preference, then fill it up using the eyebrow powder. 
Then I stick the faux lashes continue with applying my ETUDE Magic BB cushion as my make up base.
You can read more about this product on my previous review -> HERE

As for the cheek and for the super long lasting cheek tint, please go for Estee Lauder in Hot fuse.

This is one of my favourite cheek tint and i recommend this to so many people around, because it just that good.

For the eyeshadow, go for basic earth tone if you are not sure what to get as the first timer.
I recommend Jane Iredale Magic Hour collection eye shadow in trio golds.

In this look, I am just using single color - the right side beige color on my eye lid.
Can you see how smooth and pigmented is the color? I don't have to even blend it with brush, am just using my finger tip :)

The lips - I go light with a soft pink hue from Candy Doll collection.
This is a Japanese brand that I recently bought during my trip to Tokyo.

If you love bold and strong looking eyes..add on a solid black eyeliner on your lower liner.
It will create a dramatic effect on your eyes - although I must say that this may not suitable for daily look and not everyone could carry the look. So, apply the black liner wisely, yeah?

I recommend Make Up Forever Aqua black eye liner.
It's waterproof and it stays on the waterline as well.

Next tips, still with the 6 basic items + 1 black eyeliner ..and you want to create a glamour diva look?

Easy - pick a hot red lipstick to complete the basic make up collection and you are pretty much good.
You can play around with the basic look..and spice up your look with just the red lippy :)

I am still using the same make up, the difference is only at lip color.
See how one bold red lips could change the whole look?

Using Bobbi Brown in Old Hollywood 2
I hope this tips could be useful and if you have questions on make up or some tutorial request..you know how to reach me!

'Till next time :)

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  1. duh...el..seandainya oh seandainya gw bisa make up kayak gitu..

    kulit wajah lu flawless bgt sih...envy :p
    impian setiap wanita tuh...kulit flawless pinter make up :)

  2. ah.. suka ama make2up lo awkakakaka.... tak ada waktu mencoba *alesan melolo*

  3. Simple but stunning!!
    Pretty ce <3<3

  4. Love ur make up and ur skin ci.... mauuuuuuu


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