October 03, 2013

Kiehl's Ultra facial for you - Yes? No?

To start my October skin care post, I need to share one product that I think you need to consider to purchase if you have problem with skin hydration.

If you have noticed  -I don't normally blog about many skin care products anymore :)
Because, first - I think I got the skincare that I adore so much already..and I want to share only those that I have tried and really works on my skin instead of just being a " beauty product catalog " blog, and second - I bet you will feel bored opening 10 Singapore beauty blog and all of us talking about the same skincare thing?

But before this become one of the blog post that you might skip, read up because this
Kiehl's Ultra facial series works on my dry skin * and it might work on yours as well*

Kiehl’s chemists are known industry-wide to “go the extra mile” by torture-testing their highly effective formulas in some of the most remote places on earth. You know they ensure it hydrates even the most parched skin, Kiehl’s has sent its legendary Ultra Facial Cream to the uncharted peaks of Greenland, 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley, 13,000 vertical feet to The Mount Whitney Portal – and this year, across the frozen sea ice of the North Pole.
* Whaat? *

Ok lah, I think my preggie hormone that turns my dry skin to extra dry skin cannot be compared to North Pole dryness.Hee hee.

Well, I actually love many Kiehl's product that help me through my rough skin transition during this preggie moment. Only this series is a bit amazing - Not that I am complaining - because I just use it for less than a week, and I can see this is helping the dry skin to heal up pretty fast.

Am not sure if this is one of the common things to happened for preggie to have the skin condition changing due to hormone? But I heard some people grows crazy pimples all over the face and back - thank goodness I don't get that one, but I experience a tremendous changes in the earlier stage of my pregnancy on my skin hydration.

So I am just sharing up the good news, just in case you need this Ultra Facial series but not sure if this is the right product for you, worry not - Kiehl's always believe in “Try before you buy” policy. They believe every customer has the right to try product samples before they commit to a purchase. So you don't have to worry of spending your $$ for a wrong product.

Secondly, if you were to purchase any product and wish to return the product for any reason, Kiehl’s Customers’ Representatives will always be glad to understand more about the situation and offer an alternative product, or a money-back guarantee within 28 days from the purchased date.

How awesome is that?
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  1. I am glad that you have found the right skincare for your skin as i know its hard for most of us struggling to find the right skincare. I have an oily skin type and i still havent find the right products that fit for my skin. Well its a great post and hope you have a wonderful preggie time and good luck on the due that. Best wishes for you!


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