October 06, 2013

Balmain Eau D'Ivoire

Oh pink perfume lovers..this October, Balmain brings Miami Vibe to Singapore!
Think about Palm trees, Cadillacs, and walls full with colours devoured by the sun.

It's Pink like the walls on Colins Avenue, pastel, like the ones along Ocean Drive..Nope - I never been to Miami - but it's somehow portrait a stylized elegance of the unique Eau D'Iviore.

The packaging of  Eau d’Ivoire is a reference to the codes of the House of Balmain. 
The detail of a texture. Art Deco patterns. Graphic lines. Matte contrasting with brilliance.

The bottle of Eau d’Ivoire remains the same: recognizable and iconic. 
The weighty feel of glass and pure lines reflect Balmain elegance.

The fragrance takes on a pink hue, like dawn on a summer’s morning.

I would say Eau d’Ivoire is the Balmain woman’s summer accessory: a subtle mix of exceptional materials blended with natural simplicity.

If I would describe how this perfume smells like, it will be a vibrant energy of bergamot essence and the resonance of sun-drenched sweet red currant. Followed by a sweet flower smell that makes you take a deep inhale and thinking about pink flower. The exquisite exoticism of honey-toned osmanthus absolute brings to mind the roundness of a lusciously ripe apricot with a little hint of Magnolia essence deploys a vanilla-scented softness, lightly accented with lemon.

Price List:
EDP Natural Spray 100ml $130
EDP Natural Spray 50ml $90
EDP Natural Spray 30ml $65

Exclusive launch at Metro until end October
Will be available at Robinsons and Tangs from November onwards


More interesting stuff about perfume that I just learnt today:

1. We spray perfume from bottom to top
- I know, I did the same thing..I spray perfume on my wrist and rubbing it to the other wrist to balance out the smell, guess what? apparently we are abusing the perfume molecule ^^

The right way to do: spray it to the area where there are pulse, and you can spray it as low as your ankle, behind your knee, inner thigh, tummy area, and of course the area that we all already know; the wrist and behind the neck.

2. We spray the perfume to our body not our clothes.
I am guilty of this, I most of the time spray it on my clothes instead of my body..so yeah, time to change the habit I guess.

3. Always moisturised the skin before spraying the perfume for a longer staying power.
As simple as moisturised skin absorb the molecule better than dry skin. 

And oh, you can thank Balmain perfume team for sharing this awesome trick with us.

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  1. the perfume is so feminine with that pink color..


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