August 19, 2013

I am back to Basic..

I'm talking about my hair colour :)
I think it's been a while since i am on my natural hair colour and too be honest I am not so used to this.

My current hair colour is currently not so pleasant to see anymore, my root has grown and Sharon, the director of Salon De Choix decided to keep my hair colour to my original colour.

I am really comfortable with her care during my pregnancy, instead of pushing me for just do the colouring and post my " new hair " in my blog - she suggested to not doing anything chemical to my scalp until I delivered my baby. This is very thoughtful of her.

If you are currently having the same situation like me, 3/4 way preggie, your coloured hair is in a mess and you might want to look good during your delivery photos or maybe you are taking a pregnancy contact Salon De Choix

3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1,
 Singapore 239519

6836 2959

Ask for this L'oreal DIA Richesse DIA Light hair colouring treatment.

This is suitable for colored or weakened hair.

Just like my hair condition, this color treatment series is ideal for the color correction services.
In my case, it darkened faded ends and darkened the ex-bleaching hair.

I found one of the awesome effect of this DIA Light is the colour matching power and it does Gloss up my hair. I super recommended this.

On top of that, Sharon gave me a masque treatment to keep my hair soft and smooth..

Ah, love it!

And who said that pregnant lady can't look good?
All you need is just a right place to make you one.

Do quote
" Elrica - Pinkbuble "
to enjoy this AWESOME 20% discount from now until Mid of September 2013.

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  1. ce, klo lagi hamil gitu boleh yah warnain rambut?

  2. Great color on you ^^


  3. rambutmu dipotong pendek ya? aduh salut deh mami satu ini, lagi hamil masi looks very fresh :D

  4. hot mumma in progress... Hows the baby doin el :)

  5. nice color! :) looks more natural!


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