August 27, 2013

Current addiction: Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa

This is super OMFG!
I didn't know that i can be addicted to a face spa >.<'

I never been a fan of painful facial that comes with forceful extraction and things that involved needle and stuff. Especially since lately there were a case by other beauty blogger that is sad to happened and an example of facial goes wrong. 

Another main reason for me now is because I am expecting, I need extra careful to pay attention on things applied on my face, and also I super hate when some beauty center said the facial is 60 mins, it was actually 5 mins cleansing, 5 mins scrubbing, 15 mins steaming, 10 mins extraction and another 15 mins in masking and the rest minutes was applying lotion and other stuff. So it's actually pretty much they left me 30 mins with the machine..and I personally don't really enjoy it.

If we share the same frustation, maybe you will like this
Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa by Mary Chia that I already tried twice and will definitely come back for more.

This is essentially a relaxing organic facial spa experience that is suited for all skin types.
So don't worry about having the not suitable treatment for your skin condition.

The facial starts with a light rose water mist spray, followed by a “warming up” massage using sweet tangerine essential oil. The therapist asked me to inhale deeply while the tangerine essential oil been applied on me. It's awesomely relaxing. Damn - now I want to go back again and have my 3rd session this month.>.<

After the warming up, they do full face cleansing on me using an aloe vera milk cleanser that is gentle on skin. The next step of exfoliation is done by blending freshly grounded organic oatmeal with the aloe vera milk cleanser to naturally exfoliate and slough away dead skin. 
Don't come to me and say I never warn you on how addictive this treatment, ok?
The total more than 75 mins treatment is almost fully hands on, simply massage, massage and more massage on the whole process. This is a kind of treatment that is too good to be true.

The next thing I know is I am enjoying a pressure-point facial massage on my face, neck and shoulders to promote blood circulation and detoxification through stimulation of lymph nodes. 
Just what I need to relief of water retention around face and eye areas. After the massage, my skin is nourished with a customized masque enriched with organic oatmeal. 
I do feel really good after this facial.

  photo 5814A673-2517-426C-A169-31FA5CC52044-5980-0000070FFCF00B46_zps6a007fee.jpg

This Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa is totally my choice for the perfect pick-me-up facial elixir for your skin to look supple, dewy and naturally glowing!

And just when I thought the glow will stop after i wash my face the next day, 
this treatment WOW me even more.. 

I'm on 8 months preggie and a happy momma to be with this glowing face. 

 photo B8A7E4BF-FF29-4F79-A318-300F502C5BE4-2892-00000387AA4A31C1_zps95dc9ec0.jpg

The 75-min Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa is exclusively available at  

Mary Chia @ Goldhill Centre 

Please call 6250 7949 to book your Organic Oatmeal facial experience. 
Quote “Pink Buble” to enjoy a first-time trial session at S$108 (S$115.56 w/GST), 
Usual Price: S$255

It's worth it!
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  1. hai bumil cantik :)

    udah 8 bulan aja ya, gak berasa deh...tetep sehat dan cantik ya :)


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