April 25, 2012

NYX Smokey eyes Collection!

I am so in love with this collection!
I used this in most of my photoshots, and of course on my own make up too :)

The smokey eyes shades range from Black, Purple, Bronze and Brown.
Weirdly..I don't really suits Bronzee color, it just make my eyes looks like..hemm..I dunno, it's hard to explain..maybe I just don't like it.

I found this kit is perfect for those who likes to bring less thing when they travelling, at least in make up department..this box will be the best representative.

Lotsa lotsa shades of lipstick!

And glitters too!

Personally, I love Black range the most :)
Like the look I did below here:
* eyeshadow from this collection
* Blush from this collection
Others: as stated ^^

I hope it's clear enough to see the eyeshadow color ^^

I draw my upper lips too :)
I made a very curvy cupid of it..this is not my natural lips shape :)

Anybody ever tried this collection? which one is your favourite smokey colors range?



  1. Nice pallete :)
    You look pretty!

  2. WOOW so many colors >o<
    most of all, i like your hair cuts it's totally cute >o<

  3. Looks niceeee.. Please do more tutorial on smokey eyes with this.. Love your hair too! ^^

  4. eyeshadow begini ada exp date na enggak sih? g punya udah 3-4 taon lom habis2 jadi masih pake sampe sekarang hahaha :)

  5. please do tutorial for this smokey eye look. love it! :)


  6. El, beli dimana sih merek NYX? Gw rasanya ga perna nemu di drugstore ky watson ato guardian?

  7. Those colours are so pretty!!!

  8. cakep! Satu2nya pallete (bener gak nulisnya) gua beli yang lancome utk travelling, itu pun mini. Yang habis cuma bagian lipsticknya doang, jadi sayang.

    Btw dikasih concealer padat gitu sih, sekalian nanya El, concealer padat begitu pakainya gimana?

  9. el gw terkagum-kagum deh sama skill lu make up, klo gue belon pre wed boleh nih make up ama lu, tapi sayang gw dah kawin dan beranakpinak hehehe

  10. heartiest congratulations !!!! :):)

  11. I got one too! Paling suka yang neutral, gampang banget dipake kemana", tapi pas bikin yg item ditambahin glitter di tengah mata jadi pop up banget! Enak karna praktisnya ituu dehh.. hehehhe..



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