April 22, 2012

Hada Labo Make up remover!

This is the first Hada Labo product I own.
I know I'm a little late right? when all others beauty blogger are active reviewing about Hada Labo this and that..I just haven't get the hype yet. Plus, I don't want to buy something just because it's in trend when I still have the same product with a different brand at home.
*make up kits are exceptional* :P

So when I finished my Bifesta make up remover, and still my favorite for the non rinse make up remover, I went to Robinson to buy my second bottle of Bifesta..but I cudn't find the product there..and I was too lazy to walk to Watson :P

So when my thought are still contemplating of what to get or should I walk to Watson..I saw this:

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So I just give it a shot!

It's a clear form with a bit of sticky texture.
One little pump is all you need if you need to clean eyes area.

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Whenever I clean my eyes, I never rub it!
I will just put a cotton pad on my eyelid, count to 3 and swipe it gently, and I will categorise it a good make up remover when the product took all the make up in a go!

And Hada Labo make up remover did!

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See this?
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Overall, I found it OK! and it's water based :)
But I still need to clean my face with a water to remove the sticky feeling I had.

Will I purchase this again: Yes
Price: S$ 15.70
Origin: Japan


  1. thanks for the review :) adly it´s hard to get those products in europe

  2. aku jg baru pake hada labo, tapi cleansingnya, dikasi spupuku yg abis dari sing kmrn...katanya moist banget ya?
    gw pake belom berasa apa2 sih, emang kulit badak susah hehehhehe


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