March 19, 2012


The only thing that I can recall of last night Fashion Steps out at Orchard was one awesome grateful feeling!
To be in the backstage doing make up for model to hit the runway and to be in the fashion week, it was so awesome! I will never trade yesterday's memory with anything.
I'm so lucky and I'm so grateful.

I represent Cosmoprof in providing the service, and we started at around 1.30 pm and end at 8.30 pm when the fashion show just about to start.

My make up station for the day ^^
This is my first time to be in International scale fashion show backstage, and oh my God! I love it.
The hair stylist, make up artist, models, designer, dresser, media and I don't know who..they just like automatic know their works and calmly do the responsibility professionally.

There were so many clothing line, but I am in love and impress with vivienne westwood collection, together with the make up and hair do:
It's so high fashion!

Vivienne Westwood make up and hair do (not the outfit)

Too bad, we did not assigned for her line!
I did the make up for Paul & Joe, Rose bullets, Dip Drops, Robinson and iCB.

This is I don't know what they called it, but it's like the outfit sequence for the model to wear kind of things.

Shoes, Clothing, more shoes and clothings are everywhere!
They all are named according to the Models and all are with picture of the model attached.

Yesterday, it was raining pretty bad and that damn thunder was too loud and WE ALL are pretty scared that the show will not ON. It's going to be such a waste, 
after they closed the famous orchard road, have it as RUNWAY and it turned out into one messy night. 
(Yes, you read it right! They close orchard road and use it as runway) - actually it's quite cost savvy.

To be in backstage, with full packs of beautiful does somehow made me feels ugly.
I am usually feel confident with myself, but not yesterday. LOL

Take this as an example:
Me with this awesome Venezuelan model, I did her make up and I did the make up for myself as well..
but why we turned up so different!
why why why..*FACE PALM*
~just kidding~


Man, they all are so good looking..especially the male model! 

There are so many things I wanted to say..but I can only end up saying this again
 " I'm so grateful for my life, for the opportunity, for people that trust my skill and passion and for believe in me "

'Till Next year Orchard Fashion Steps out!


  1. thats awesome experience you just had! you deserve it :)

  2. kok yg cowo2 na ga di photo buat pitshu gitu ^^, tahun lalu M&S juga ada fashion show cowo na gantang2 haeshhh~

  3. Awesome! Love your blog <3

  4. Awesome! Love your blog <3

  5. hehe looks like you had fun! ;) I think I would feel the same packed in a room with legit models. Intimidating, but they look friendly at least!

  6. congrats ric!!! hebat euy!!! :D

    jangankan lu, diantara model2 gitu.. gua disini aja diantara bule2 yang bukan model jadi suka minder sendiri.. hahaha. abis mereka kok matanya bagus2, idungnya bagus2, tinggi2 pula.. hahaha

  7. What an amazing experience. I'd love to be in or take part of any fashion show. It seems like a lot of fun.

  8. wow, ive always love your work and this backstage work experience is super!

    *mbayangin orchard yg habis dipermak jadi runway besar*

  9. What an awesome experience for you, El!!! Congratulations! Maju terus makin sukses ya!!!

  10. keren El,
    maju terus n sukses yah !

  11. Congratsss El!!! Sukses terus & ditunggu cerita2 seru lu soal dunia MuA :D

  12. Hi Ca, salam kenal yah, suka banget ama blog kamu, nambah pengetahuan ttg make up neh :D Aku baru seminggu kali yah tau ttg blog kamu dr blogwalking, saking hari2 kmrn sibuk ngebaca post yg dulu2, jd br skrg bs memperkenalkan diri,hahahahaha.

    Congrats buat fashion show nya, keren abis tuhhhhh.

  13. Wow... mantaps. sukses terus ya El.

    modelnya cakep2 euy...

  14. So exciting, El!!!!! semoga tambah banyak yg kayak gini come your way!!

  15. Hoaaaa elll itu foto model cowo nya ganteng bangetttt. Bule rambut item emang lebi cakep dr bule blonde yak....anyway, BIG CONGRATULATION ya el!! Bener2 Tuhan buka jalan plus kesempatan2 besar mengalir gitu aja ya el! So happy to hear your story :). Maju terus ya el ampe jadi make up artist terkenal (tp tetep gue dikasih diskon ya kalo aku mo make up ama dikau :) hihihihi)

  16. Congrats El...maju terus yaa...n terus di-share di sini petualangan di dunia MUA...God bless...


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