March 28, 2012

I'm a busy Bee..

For my readers( gaya pisaaan..) and friend that know I left my previous job to pursue my make up career, I thank u all for the support and yes indeed that was the best things that happened in my life. Gaining my confidence back and allowing myself to explore the artistic side of me. Now, I would like to share another good things that happened to me..and indeed it's by His Favor and I couldn't find right words to express of how grateful I am at this present time.

I am employed now! apart from Bubbly Brush that mostly going good and shining over the weekend,
 I am now have a weekdays job that seriously " soooo Me! "
Thank God for this job, or else I might die soon because I was so bored at home.

This is my new job: reading magazines, reading blogs, find the editors, contact the potential blogger and talking to writers in media. All during working hours ^^
I was required to read all these to keep myself in the "trend ".
And I am allowed to buy magazine too.

I will not share the company name here, but it is fancy.

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Whenever I pray, I pray for the fancy office with a fancy location that comes in a fancy $$.
I got it all! I was shocked! but thankful and feel grateful more than ever. God is damn good.

Not once in my life, I ever imagine I will get what I am currently earning.
Together Bubbly Brush and this job has been a blessing for me.

And I would like to share my blessing with you too.

So, drop me a comment on what are the items you wish to see in my giveaways!
I'm waiting!!


  1. Oh yay!!!! Congratulations on the new *dream* job, sweetie!!!
    Mmmm... I've been thinking of trying foundation, because whenever I use facial powder, it kinds of crack, but I'm not sure what or which brand to try lol... so if you giveaway some foundation, I'd be excited to enter ;)

  2. I want a happiness, wisdom, and blessing giveaways. =)

  3. asikk ada gratisan *mupeng*

    ide buat giveaways :
    - lisptik
    - sabun/lotion

    that's all I can think right now ;p

    good luck for the new job :)

  4. Congrats El !!! :)
    So glad to hear you're happy and doing jobs you like :)

  5. Great news! So happy for you...

    “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
    ― Aristotle

  6. congrats for new job El
    apalagi kalo kerjaannya yang sesuai banget deh ... hehehehe
    enjoy yaa

  7. oh wow.. congratz ya el.. sounds like a great and fun job!!!

  8. congratzzz~
    klo buat giveaways na make-up + photo gratis gitu bisa enggak yah ?! wakakakakak ^^

  9. :D Happy for you El...
    just enjoy your new job!
    Anyway, boleh request Brush?? hahaha.. cheek brush aja gpp *plakk ga tau diri banget ya eike* :P

  10. congrats El!
    Sounds like a fun job! :D

  11. Elll! Congrats for a new job :)

  12. woaaaaahhh.. daku mau travel journall.. HAHAHAHAHA.. *asikk.. dpt travel journal gratiss.. ahahhhaha.. makasih in advance. hahaha.

  13. congrats ell, bikin penasaran nih kerja nya dimana hihihi

  14. sound like a dream job!!! congrats yaaa... :)

  15. wihhh seru, dream come true, inspiring banget ya. keluar dari comfort zone dan menemukan surga baru.

    jadi ngefans :*

  16. selamat ^^ kegalauan waktu itu sudah berbuah manis ya hehe
    apa ya yg enak, seperangkat brush aja (maniak brush :p)

  17. Waaoowww, congrats for the job. Sounds very exciting job. So happy for you...

    Giveaways ideas: makeup pallete or brush..


  18. wah, kerjaan baru kayanya asyikkk bener EL, congrats yah.....
    giveaway ya tentu saja yg berhubungan dengan makeup2 , poundation, lipstik, eyeshadow, anything deh...aku terima dengan senang hati, hohohoho

  19. Congrats and achieving your dream job! I really hope things keep going well for you. ^________^

  20. Wow! now, that's a job I would like;)

  21. congrats happy for u, God is soooo good , He makes all ur dream come true!

  22. congratsss El...ikutan seneng :D

  23. wow! congrats El! sounds like a dream job.....have fun!

  24. Hi El, it's Jo here. OMG, I've been hibernating from blogging world for awhile and look at you now.. I'd like to say many many congratulations, first for your're a beautiful bride, stunning pictures! second, for your Bubbly Brush, and last is for your new job!! yeay, good for you El! Go chase your dreams, always work with passion :))))

    btw, I started my new blog all about nail polish at, feel free to drop by!

  25. hai, salam kenal... blognya aku link ya :)

  26. Hey there,

    Chanced upon your blog via the omy competition entries. Good luck for it btw. And just wanna say congrats on getting your dream job! Life is really good.

    I'm a blogger on beauty myself ( so if you'd like to exchange ideas on beauty, feel free to drop me a message!



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