January 19, 2009

room sweet room..

I love this room
really luv it
but i can't afford it anymore
16 OCtober 2007 $450 + $30 (electricity and water bill) = $ 480
today, 19 January 2009
$600 + $70 ( water and electricity bill) = $ 670
When all the property rental is going down..i think my interest in this room is going down as well!
it's quite a significant number isn't?
well i know, comfort shud come first but..ah never mind!
i'm moving out
It located in central area, Ang mo Kio 7 stops away from orchard MRT and literally 5 min walking distance to MRT and bus interchange
and opposite of my BF apartment
*and i'm not trying to do some sort of advertising here..
i just want to record my very first room in SG

view from my room
and see that building behind those apartment
in front of my room
that is AMK hub, well i consider that as a quite decent mall in this area
and one more thing and the main reason of me taking this room
it has 9 doors cabinet!!
isn't cool??
9 doors ok?

Start with this to put my wutever things in

All tops

earings hanger

All bottom, and i really think i have more of skirt than pants
the whole line of skirt
and 3 hangers of pants

folded clothes and bags
ooooohhh...i'm so gonna miss my lovely cabinet!


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