January 19, 2009

ma food...

i Just came back from My regular Surabaya trip and proudly present my must have food in Surabaya (again) hihihi..i really can't get enough eating this things and it's been almost 1 1/2 years since we started business with one factory here.

look at my coconut..

And oh.."tahu telor"

tahu for tofu and telor for egg

so it's basically tofu on egg with peanut sauce and this time we asked for extra chilli in peanut sauce..and it taste just way better than it used to be.

Raw veggie in peanut sauce

my baby..
deep friend shrimp ball


End of Surabaya food
and change to food of my life

Unagi hot stone rice..
Ministry of food
Price: $ 6 sumting
Rate: 10.8/10
and if u are a kind of person who like type of rice that burned by the stone, u should try this one..just keep it a bit longer before u stir it..

Chicken katsu toji
Ministry of food Marina square
Price :$10 +
Rate: 8/10
not so special but still my favourite
and i know this one (which i know) a bit weird for most people
..but i like it..

i like aeroplane food

Silk air

destination: SG-Surabaya morning flight
Rate: 7/10
Price: included in air fare

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