January 14, 2009

"apple" or "apple"

This conversation happened in my office department betwen me and balvinder..
Arip sent me one link about "apple machintos" one day sale catalogue..b'coz i know Bal interested in gadget things..i informed him..
me: "balvinder, apple on sale for one day"
bal: *without any interest in what i said* "no, i don't want apple"
me: * start thinking...and found sumting is wrong* " hei, i'm not talking about apple as fruit..it's Apple mac.." *and start laughing..* :D
*and bal make it even worst..* he said "i was about to said ..NTUC (hypermart) offer $1.80 for 8 apples"
conversation of the day!
oh man...
after graduating from Communication school..i finally realise that..noise in communication, communication barrier and term of reference does exist..

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