November 26, 2008

JB weekend gateaway

This was supposed to be published last week, but i forgot to post bad! Anyway, me and kat went to JB for little shopping, food and massage..and here are the pics!

Eunice Wedding

We are actually the latest guest that came..i feel a bit phai se about it..

The bride and me
Eunice looking very pretty with that princess dress and tiara

Sunrise's girl and ex sunriser joined together and pose with the bride
i miss them!

Our Sunrise table..laughter and joke that i used to have in the office

Here comes
the food lover..

Me with super delicious loh seh fan with salted fish and deep fried shrimp salad..


Me with Yam milk's hard to explain, it's just simply yummie..

Me with my glorious HK style ice coffee with grass jelly..

Enjoying the food..
Chicken black pepper udon, it taste a bit chewy and pepperish
Really plan to go back and enjoy JB!

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