November 10, 2008

thanks to my life..

I realize i start to complain about my life here..(again?) yes..i know i shudn't do yesterday, i decided to take silent moment between myself..and think about wut have i achieved and how's my life if i'm back in jakarta..

will i get this much exposure as i wish and complain in the same time? i don't think so..and for all the money i got, that bring me to new zealand and other places..i think i shud be thankful for this life path and i promise myself to keep this opportunity precious as other want to switch place with me..

When i travel a lot i complaint even more..and everytime i said this to other people, they come up with the same response " isn't it wut you want? u always want to travel, rite?" and yes, i forgot wut i have said..and always be carefull for everything that you ever wished for..

Because it might come true..

and i'm glad for everything that i wishes for..

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